Follow these 4 SEO Trends to Get Ahead in the World of Online Search

Follow these 4 SEO Trends to Get Ahead in the World of Online Search

For those involved in online promotions, they need to constantly adapt to the newest trends. Internet has become one of the most sought-after destinations for businesses and customers alike. In order to reap as much profits as possible, businesses are aiming to establish their online presence. This has made the competition stiff, therefore every business should adopt some of the best SEO techniques that will let them target as much customers as possible. Here are 4 SEO trends explained by a company offering the best SEO in Sydney to help you take the lead:

User Intent Optimisation:

Search engine optimisation is not just about adding the most popular keywords into a web content. It’s about sharing valuable information that fulfils the requirement of the searcher. When you key in a query on search engine, it needs to deliver the most accurate and relevant search result to the user. User intent optimisation is a trend because of the emergence and popularity of voice search.


Microformats refer to small HTML patterns that convey the information about your website. When the search engine has sufficient information about your site, your website will be ranked better. If you provide as much authentic information as possible, search engines will give you an improved rank Companies offering the best SEO in Sydney will help you with this. Microformats will include labels or tags that are useful in the implementation of rich snippets.

Voice Search and Virtual Assistants:

The adoption of voice search has been skyrocketing with each passing day. Voice search also tend to be longer than the regular search performed using keyboard. The trend recently is all about smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homepod, and Google Home, all of which are powered by virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant respectively. The increased usage of these devices has led to the surge in voice-based queries, which is why voice search and virtual assistants are demanded today.

Geotargeting on Local SEO:

Local searches are useful for businesses running in a particular location. Businesses focusing on local SEO optimisation will be able to grab attention from as much customers as possible. There are expert SEO companies offering local SEO optimisation services at affordable SEO packages in Sydney. Location is important for customers searching for businesses. Users usually prefer businesses that are closer to their location. Geotargeting therefore is an important part of advertising online. “Near me” searches have also become more popular than ever.

As always, competition is intense in the online space. Several businesses are recognising the power of social media and search engine platforms, and how they could harness the tools to make profits. Following are the aforementioned trends that will give you a head start. For those needing assistance in this, you could get in touch with an SEO professional who will offer their services at reasonable SEO Sydney prices for you.

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