Running a Local Business? Here are 5 Ways to Improve your SEO

Running a Local Business? Here are 5 Ways to Improve your SEO

As the world is relying upon digital services, Google and other services are offering their suite of products that are meant to make users’ lives easy and convenient. Local businesses shall take advantage of the tools offered by the service to improve their search rankings, so that more customers will discover the business. Here are 5 great ways to improve your SEO in Sydney:

Create Google My Business Listing:

One of the most important ranking factors local businesses shall rely upon is the Google My Business page. What you need to do is to add or claim your listing and verify your account. Add your business details such as working hours and others. Verify that this information is correct. Now link your website and upload high quality images of your business. When the page is live, try getting customer reviews and use citations for optimising.

Look for Link Building Opportunities:

A well-crafted link building strategy is required to make an SEO campaign successful. Hence, link building must be a priority when you do local SEO in Sydney. Building and getting organic links do take some time. If an influencer finds your content to be appealing and of quality, utilise this opportunity for link building.

Find Link Opportunities with Competitors:

With the help of a competitor tracking tool, you will be able to discover websites that are linked to your competitors. This is one strategy you could utilise to build backlinks. Firstly, find out which websites are linking to your competitors. Look at their domain authority, find out the most useful and influential domains, and perform link outreach to each domain you consider.

NAP Consistency:

Make sure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) of your business is consistent on each and every website it is listed on. If you find any inconsistencies, make sure to notify the webmaster about it as soon as possible and ask them to correct the same. NAP is one of the most important factors considered for local listing rankings and local organic rankings.

Image and Video Rankings:

Most of them only consider metrics such as the number of visitors and CTR for analysing their SEO strategy. But it is also wise to check the image and video rankings as well. Optimise images on your website by compressing them, so as to reduce the overall size of the file. Use a tool that will compress the image without deteriorating the quality. For videos, modify the titles and metadata. Add attractive thumbnails to make them click worthy.

To optimise local SEO in Melbourne, add Google My Business listing, perform competitor analysis and link outreach, encourage customers to post reviews about your business, and check for NAP consistency. A reliable SEO consultant will be able to provide comprehensive assistance in optimising your local SEO in Brisbane through a well-crafted strategy.

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