SEO Testing: How to Turn It Into a Competitive Advantage

SEO Testing: How to Turn It Into a Competitive Advantage

Making changes across an entire website can be expensive and risky. Before implementing these updates all together, it is therefore worthwhile to assess first any potential impact. With SEO testing, it is possible to make changes on one page or more and still be able to monitor the results. Knowing the best practices for SEO tests is therefore important as it gives us a clear direction on how we can confidently act on the test findings. Here is what a top executive working at a leading Sydney SEO agency has to say about the use of SEO tests to gain a competitive advantage in whatever industry you are in.

Go above and beyond the SEO rankings

An SEO ranking can reflect how the content and structure of your website are interpreted by the search algorithms. Your site’s ranking will improve as metrics like online traffic increase. However, it is always important to remember that providing better user service is more important than the rankings. If your website provides outstanding service to users, they are likely to stay longer. If this is the case, they are also more likely to click more and engage further with your site. In the end, success is measured better by the clicks than the Google ranking. An SEO services Sydney expert said that a business will gain an extra benefit in terms of brand awareness if it can differentiate itself from other competing businesses. Sales will grow in general if customers are more familiar with your brand.

Assess which web pages to add in the SEO tests

Ensure that the web pages that you are adding to the SEO testing are not continuously going up and down in the search ranking. Pages like these are volatile and could potentially influence the accuracy of the test results. If this happens, it is possible that we could arrive at the wrong conclusions.

Use a dependable analytics tool

A dependable analytics tool is already enough to get you started in SEO testing, according to an expert working for a leading provider of affordable SEO packages Sydney. You don’t have to purchase a more expensive dedicated tool for the testing. Instead, just choose an analytics tool that can run historical tests, recommend complementary keyphrases and help track the changes.

Make sure to use the right control variables and double check the results

It is very important to make sure that the experiment group and the control group have the same variables. These include the link profile, age, content format and the relative search engine performance. In order to arrive at the most accurate results, a top Sydney SEO agency executive recommends repeat SEO testings. By doing so, we can easily eliminate the effects of some unexpected factors. Once you conclude that a particular SEO test is good, you can now confidently use it to test the other page groups as well.

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