Reasons why SEO cannot be a One Time Exercise

Many business owners tend not to realise that SEO as an exercise is not a onetime activity but an ongoing process that requires sufficient focus and attention. Here are a few reasons why one cannot afford to ignore SEO after an initial execution-

The Changing Market

The market is constantly changing and so are the SEO rules. While traditional SEO focused on catering to an audience primarily looking for your offerings through their desktop, today the rise in tablets and smart phones has resulted in brands needing to cater to a market that is on the go. SEO expert now need to look into factors such as mobile optimisation and local SEO.

The Changing Competition

The competitive playing field is also constantly changing and it is not possible to keep track with the scope of competition in this ever growing marketplace. Not only does it matter who it is that you are competing with, but one has to now also account for the where and when. Competition is constantly changing and so must the tactics to stay afloat.

Changing Search Engine Rules

Search engines today are working hard to improve user experiences by providing extremely accurate and real time information. With new updates and upgrades being introduced every few weeks or days, SEO experts cannot rely on old techniques to master modern search engine environments.

All of these factors make it all the more important for small businesses to take their SEO initiatives seriously and focus on continuous improvement.

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