3 SEO Elements that is more critical than Link-Building

A large number of SEO managers tend to lay unnecessary impetus on Link-Building as an exercise. While it may be critical to focus on this activity to improve your rankings and your traffic, there are a host of other elements that demand your time and attention in the modern SEO environment –

  • Mobile Optimisation

In the day and age when a majority of your audience is engaging with your brand via their smart phones, it is extremely important that you make sure your pages are optimised for mobile search. In addition to making sure that your website is responsive and provides a consistent experience across all devices and screen sizes, you content should also be optimised for local and mobile search. Also take into account the speed of your website, the rate at which your pages load and other aspects that influence rankings.


  • Site Navigation

If your website is able to make it easy for your audience to find whatever it is that they are looking for, be sure to enjoy rewards from Google and other popular search engines. By working on creating a simple navigation, you will be able to improve user experiences for your existing visitors, subsequently bring in more traffic through better rankings.


  • Informative Content

Finally, you want to make sure that your website comes with complete sections of descriptive content that informative and accurate. Inconsistencies in your content result in confusion and dissatisfaction among users, and subsequently a drop in your rankings.

Make sure that you make full use of your about us sections to provide all the important facts about your business.

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