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Optimised Targeting Feature, eyed by SEO Firm Sydney Experts

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Since the start of SEO Optimisation, many SEO specialist agency Sydney companies have been primarily focused on searching and using the right keywords to rank up in Google’s metrics though the search engine’s tools for them have only recently been properly built and used.

With recent developments however, especially this July 2021, Google has been making progress in audience targeting to balance with third-party cookie data. One of these recent advancements for SEO Firm Sydney companies is Google’s new feature of optimised targeting, an option for SEO specialists, especially advertisers, to reach beyond their targeted audience.

Furthermore the feature is automatically applied as a branch of targeting, ultimately helping increase conversions and making SEO specialist agency Sydney advertisers have an easier time in handling both their current operations and advertisements.

SEO link building agency Sydney experts have found this new feature has plenty of benefits that come along with it, with three of them being most beneficial for advertisers:

  • Simplifying audience targeting and optimisation.
  • Application across different networks and audience types.
  • Additional opportunities to expand reach.

Main Difference?

Compared to Google’s audience expansion feature that was released last 2019, which shares plenty of similarities with optimised targeting.

Though they both expand on conversion opportunities, the main differences between the two is that audience expansion focuses on finding audiences that behave similarly to the segments already selected while optimised targeting aims to target outside of your targeted audience while still having behaviour matches of your converting members, based on real-time data.

It’s then recommended by SEO specialist agency Sydney advertisers that optimised targeting should be used when current impressions and results from their selected audience is running sluggish, or even simply wanting to increase conversion rates without raising bids or budget. Though the same SEO link building agency Sydney advertisers also mention that if nothing seems to be the problem in your campaigns, optimised targeting can be toggled off.

How Does It Work?

According to SEO Firm Sydney experts, once it rolls out in an account the performance metrics should show below your Audiences. Overall, it’ll not only help you keep track of audiences but even  impressions, clicks and even conversions from people outside your targeted audience.

Optimised targeting looks for additional conversions by targeting people that it deems is most likely to convert based on your current setup and data, all while being real-time conversion.

The beauty of this new optimised feature is that not only does it add onto Google’s already established audience expansion, but it’s also easily available with the simple on and off toggle of Google Ads. As said by SEO link building agency Sydney advertisers, it isn’t exclusive to any campaign or account levels, making it ideal for any established advertisers and specialists who may be running some troubles – it’s a new way to scale and raise conversions.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.