LinkedIn Ads is on the Rise. 4 Reasons Why You Should Try it

LinkedIn Ads is on the Rise. 4 Reasons Why You Should Try it

When it comes to digital advertising, we all tend to think about Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Even though these are the most popular ad services in the digital space, Microsoft reported that LinkedIn Ads are up over 50% as more advertisers are turning to the platform! LinkedIn has over 700 million users, and it’s a great platform for both B2B and B2C marketers. So how good is LinkedIn for social media marketing in Sydney, you ask? Take a look at these points mentioned below:

Tap into a Huge Audience:

LinkedIn has a ginormous audience for you to target. Even though the size of their audience doesn’t come close to what Facebook or Instagram has, the amount of data you get from LinkedIn’s audience is remarkable. You get an array of information such as skills, position, past work experience, location, and more that you can leverage for an effective social media marketing in Sydney.

Yes, you can get enough information from other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, but you cannot guarantee the authenticity of every detail presented. On the other hand, you get accurate information from LinkedIn’s audience. Not to mention it will be updated by the users from time to time, so you could always target the right audience with a skillset or position you’re interested in.

Reach Out to Individuals Within Your Target Audience:

Another advantage of LinkedIn Ads is the ability to reach out to individuals who can be your potential customers. Sponsored InMail is a great tool that allows you to send personalised messages to individuals who are valuable to your business. You can motivate users to download your eBook, sign up for an event, or purchase your product or service. Another advantage of Sponsored InMail is that the ad platform will not send out messages to inactive users, so you don’t end up wasting your ad spend.

Create an Array of Ads:

LinkedIn allows you to post ads in different formats such as images, video, and text. Choose from a range of ad formats such as text ads, dynamic ads, Sponsored InMail, display ads, sponsored content, carousel ads, and video ads.

Each ad type comes with a distinct set of features. Based on how you want to market your business, you can choose an ad format of your choice. Talk to a social media agency in Sydney for assistance.

Perfect Audience Targeting:

Another notable benefit of LinkedIn’s advertising platform is its advanced targeting options. LinkedIn allows you to micro target a small set of audience based on the industry, degree, job title, location, company, interests, and more. This allows you to narrow down your audience and make the most of your ads.

Just like other social media networks, you can set a budget for LinkedIn advertising and modify it based on your campaign’s performance. Talk to a professional social media consultant in Sydney to get a deep insight on LinkedIn ads, and how it benefits your business.

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