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Among the many factors that Google use to rank a website, here’s a new set of metrics that have been introduced just recently by the search engine giant – Core Web Vitals. If you are not really satisfied with your ranking or SEO right now, maybe you should start optimising for core web vitals to give your website a push. This guide from the local SEO Sydney experts will give you more context.

About Core Web Vitals:

Core web vitals refers to a set of elements considered by Google, pertaining to user experience. The three important aspects that Google will look into include:

  • Page load speed
  • Ease of interacting with different elements of your website
  • Stability of your website

Most Internet users use their mobile devices to access different websites. Therefore, Google will analyse how a specific website performs on both desktop and mobile. Simply put, core web vitals is all about delivering the best user experience overall.

3 Core Web Vitals You Should Know:

The three core web vitals that influence your rankings or local SEO in Sydney include:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • First Input Delay (FID)

Well yes, these terms might sound intimidating but the concept is simple.

LCP represents the amount of time taken by your webpage to load. This depends on the content in your site such as the size of videos, images, and text.

CLS refers to the stability of your web page. A slow or irresponsive web page might result in a user inadvertently clicking an option or a button they didn’t want. This could annoy some visitors who end up abandoning your website, thus affecting your page ranking.

FID explains how easy it is for the visitors to interact with your website. A well organised and perfectly designed webpage will pave the way for easy navigation, which will make users happy.

How to Optimise Your Website?

You can optimise your website by generating a core web vitals report that uncovers hidden issues identified in your website. If there is something that needs to be rectified, you can do it either by yourself or with the assistance of a seasoned SEO specialist in Sydney. The different tools that you can utilise for optimising your website include Google Search Console, Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, Chrome User Experience Report, and more.

When Will it Go Live?

Google has confirmed that core web vitals will be implemented as ranking signals from May 2021. So, you’ve got enough time in your hands to optimise and make changes to your website that aligns with the principles of this new update. Making all the necessary optimisations right now will put you ahead of the competition as soon as this change comes into effect.

Don’t wait until the update goes live! Get in touch with an online marketing Sydney agency to analyse your website and optimise it for the best user experience.

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