Is Video the Future of Content Marketing?

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Over the last decade, the digital world has experienced a dramatic change. This is evident by the increased usage of smartphones and tablets among the people to search for information or browse. With the high accessibility and affordability of digital technology and the availability of unlimited storage space, the world of content marketing has undergone a quick change. In this arena, video marketing has become a necessary tool for SEO experts in Sydney to create valuable content and provide well-crafted messages to their customers.

So, here we’ve listed a few reasons for video is the future of content marketing.

Customer Preference

The reason for the high rise in the demand for visual content is customer preference. A recent research report indicates that people share visual content 1200% times than other forms of content. This the reason why businesses are investing in visual content to reach and engage more consumers.

Convey the Right Message

Visual content conveys the right brand message and helps your customers understand your vision better. It also allows you to implement more sophisticated tools like content and voice to build brand identity.

Easy to Understand and Remember

Did you know 80% of people can recall or remember a video that they watched a few months ago? The one significant difference between text-based content and video content is that the video content has more visual and acoustic materials which are easy to remember. By recalling your video, the clients recall your company, which generates more leads and sales for you. It also strengthens your online presence as customers share your videos on different social media platforms.

So, when creating visual content, make sure it supports your brand strategy as this helps your audience to learn the style and design of your brand’s visual content.

Attractive and To the Point

Did you know making video part of your email marketing strategy can increase the rates of click-through by 200 to 300%? It is also estimated incorporating videos on landing pages shows 80% rise in conversation rates.

Improve SEO Performance

When people watch and share your video, it will improve the click-through rates of your website, which in turn improves the SEO performance of your business. A high-quality, engaging video compels visitors to visit the homepage of your business.

The Bottom Line

Due to its low cost of production and high return on investment, the video has become a great marketing tool for your business. Creating an information-rich, user-friendly video content builds a great online following and expands your customer base. Also, hire the best SEO agency that provides affordable SEO services in Sydney to create an engaging video that communicates with your audience.

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