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How to Rank your Content on the ‘Position Zero’ – Actionable Tips

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When you search for information on the web, some webpages get listed above the first ranks of the search results, this is called – Featured Snipped, or “position zero” in SEO.

Featured snippets are the answers that appear for the search results, which are pulled from related websites. The featured snippet exhibits the summary and the details of the website, where the answer is pulled from, embracing the URL.

“Position Zero Is A Powerful Place To Occupy!”

But, how would you grab a place for your content on the position Zero/Featured Snippets? Here are a few suggestions –

  1. Think Like your audience

The best way to get featured for the snippets is to think like your targeted audience. You need to spot on as to what questions your audience might be actually trying to find answers for?

Assume yourself as someone who is new to the market and do a short research, you will find relevant results, along with the featured snippets. This is one quick way to identify the competitors and grab content ideas in one easy step.

  1. Find your content ideas from Google’s ‘People Ask’ section

The ‘People Ask’ section is the best place to pick your ideas and understand about what type of questions, people might ask. Moreover questions have the most probability to bring up the featured snippets, your content has to answer – how, what, when, where, why, or who. Most SEO consultant in Sydney uses this strategy these days to gain creative ideas that their audience will like to read.

  1. Precise Keyword Research

Get the help of Google Keyword Planner tool to find out the keywords and phrases that the people are searching for. Make a spread sheet, and note down the keywords with the search volume. Now pick the apt keywords that will suit your website and industry from there and put the keywords to work. Include your keywords to the title, subtitle and contents. Never overdo. Try to use variations of the keyword on your content. Never dump your keywords in the content, instead use them in the most natural way possible. There are many companies that offer affordable SEO services, which includes keyword research as a part of their SEO campaign. They will help you identify the keywords that will convert.

  1. Answer Multiple Questions

When you focus on a topic, write on various areas concerned with the topic. Eg. If you are writing on the area – ‘weight loss program’ you need to cover about the benefits, disadvantages, the types of program that will benefit them and much more information that will answer their query.

‘Focus on one solid article that answers many questions,’ rather than writing many articles to earn the snippets.

The best SEO Company Sydney follows this strategy in their content writing approaches to make the content appear in the ‘position zero.’

  1. Use headings

The best way to organise your content for the featured snippets is to break each section of the contents in a sensible way and in chronological order, making it easy for Google to identify the content and list them.

Featured snippet has seen a ton of growth since its inception. Google prefers answers that are logically responded. So the expert SEO consultant in Sydney suggests to keep your article more informative with appropriate headers, bolded words, call outs etc., which will help your page grab a position in the Featured snippets.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.