How to Rank Higher in Google My Business Listing?

How to Rank Higher in Google My Business Listing?

Your Local SEO efforts are imperfect without optimising it on Google My Business listing. If you have completely optimised your business for the Google My Business, then your business is likely to show up on the local organic searches. But, if you are looking to rank high on the Google my business, then you must take a few steps to get the best results. Here are a few recommendations from the experts at SEO Company

  • Add Relevant Information – Add relevant business information about your business on the Google My Business Page. You must look to get business review from your customers, write description about your business, add business pictures and add link to your website. After you publish the details, you can view the same on the Google My Business listing.
  • Insert Labels – Labels help to classify the location into groups. These locations can be explored directly through the labels from the dashboard, and can be used to filter location extensions in AdWords. Up to 10 unique labels can be added for each location, which can hold around 50 characters without including any special character.
  • Write down Detailed description – For your business to rank high on Google my Business, you must make sure to write an in-depth description. Mention the description in such a way, that it includes every detail about your business. The Local SEO search results depends more on the relevant information that you provide in the description, as it will enable the audience understand about your business better.
  • Create a Website Feature – Google My Business Page provides the option to create a website using the website builder tool. All you have to do is to sign into the Google My Business account and activate the option of the website on the dashboard. Now, Google will create the website and ask you to choose from the list of themes available. Once after you make the changes, you can publish the website. But, keep in mind that this website built on Google My Business Page is only for the audience who are looking out for extra information.
  • Usage of Keywords in the Business Name – Keywords have a very important role to play in the search results. So, having the keywords as the business name, can improve on the rankings. Also, you cannot simply write the content for the sake of writing. You must carry out a proper keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool Planner.
  • Add Accurate NAP details and Working Hours – Don’t miss out to add the correct business name, local business phone number, and the precise address to connect with the local users. It is also very important to mention the precise working hours, so that the audience will have the appropriate information about your business to reach you out.

Hopefully these features will help your business to rank high on the Google My Business listing. Please reach out to the experts who offer affordable SEO packages Sydney to optimise your Google My Business account accurately.

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