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Right now, hundreds of potential customers are out there with a need that you could fulfil. With our tailored digital marketing strategies, we work with your business model to attract leads and convert them into sales.

Small Business SEO

Did you know that around 30% of websites of small businesses cannot be found on Google search? And if you are a small business owner, yours could be one too. So, the time has arrived when you need to set aside a budget and invest in quality SEO for small business.

We are a well-known SEO agency in Sydney and are here to help you understand the need for small business SEO services and the quality that it can add to your entire business project.

Today, around 80% people conduct an online search before they actually buy. This clearly indicates that you must have your website listed in the top five results of the search engine for the relevant keywords in your industry.

For this, you need an expert digital marketing team, who can provide the right SEO guidelines for small business websites and enable you to get on the map. We at Top SEO Sydney guarantee to deliver the best results and have a number of satisfied clients vouching for the quality of our work.

Our clients appreciate the transparency of our SEO services. We inform our clients about the work from time to time and ensure that there’s no discrepancy whatsoever. They are aware of the constant progress and have all rights to discuss any changes that they may deem fit to their website.

We provide a real-time reporting platform to keep track of the changes in search ranking, traffic, and overall campaign performance. This tracking platform can be accessed by the client from anywhere and at any time. Visit our Small Business SEO Packages. Our latest client is the Car Buying Agency a leading car buying service in Australia.

With years of experience in the industry, we understand that SEO is a time-consuming process and there are no shortcuts. For any successful campaign, it is important to devise the right strategic approach and execute it with absolute precision and precaution. Get in touch with our team of SEO experts today and we will be happy to help you understand the next steps to grow your SEO practices for small business websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

These days, small businesses are taking advantage of SEO to remain competitive in the market, especially the ones that sell online. However, Small Business SEO is a complex task, which if not done in the right way, can cost the business.

But, when done right, with organic listings, it will create trust on the business among the local customers and build good business relationships on the basis of trust.

The main Small Business SEO services to focus on are –

  • A well-structured, optimised & mobile friendly website
  • SEO friendly content with marketing
  • Optimising the On-page, with titles and meta descriptions
  • Local SEO promotions
  • Link Building in High Domain Authority Websites
  • A Google My Business page
  • Social Media Management

SEO does not limit here, there are many other strategies too. But, the success relies on the competence to make the right decisions. Unfortunately, not every business is successful in making the right decision in Small Business SEO.  Therefore, it is advisable to take the help of a professional SEO agency in Sydney that has an expert team and offers amazing results.

According to a report by Statista, about 45% of the global population are internet users, who look for products or services online. This is why you must consider SEO for Small Business. Building trust is the essential factor for the success of a Small Business, the more the positive name it has earned among its customers, the more is the success rate. SEO is one such platform with which you can earn trust & reputation among your customer base.

Also, here are a few other reasons, which states as to why should you consider Small Business SEO –

You just have to spend a minimal budget on marketing that the traditional methods.
When planned & executed right, SEO can gift you with profitable results.
Your brand gets an identity with a good conversion rate.
Your customers will find you easily, when you are available on the Search Results.

Looking to know more to get your business on the SEO bandwagon? Talk to our Small Business SEO experts today!

You need to do some general groundwork, before hiring an SEO agency in Sydney for your Small Business.  You need to ask your service provider the following questions –

  • How are you going to improve the SEO of my small business?
  • Details about the owner of the SEO agency in Sydney
  • Are the SEO consultants qualified and do they possess relevant experience in the field?
  • Ask for their work portfolios with results and work references
  • Will you provide me with sufficient reports to analyse on the project and how often will you provide me with the reports?
  • Do you stick to Google’s best practices?
  • What are the Small Business SEO Packages?
  • What are the SEO tools that you use?
  • The types of SEO works that you do?
  • Can you guarantee that our site will rank #1 for a most sought after search term?
  • What is the payment Structure?
  • How can I contact you?
  • What will happen if I terminate the contract?
  • Do you stay updated with the algorithmic trends?
  • How will you measure your marketing success?

Ideally, when you ask these questions to the SEO agency in Sydney, they will respond in a professional way, with proven track records, with their past success, and share with you the details of their happy clients!

This might be tedious process, but, if you are successful in finding the right agency, your business is going to witness positive thriving results.

Local SEO for small business is similar to the traditional SEO, but with a slight twist.  Instead of focusing on a wide location, the strategy would be to focus on your local target location.

Your Google My Business profile page should be worked on, and made sure it is customised and exhibits the business pages with accurate GPS listings, through which people who travel can easily reach out to you at your business location, for the local search phrases.

Duplicates must be removed from every local business directory, ensuring a solid digital presence for your business. NAP discrepancies on the digital space should be checked and fix at the earliest. Along with this, a proper onpage optimisation of your website, which encompasses – Mobile Responsiveness, Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt, Canonical & other Optimisations, 404, 301 Redirects, Backlink Audit, Meta Content Optimisation, etc., is to be done.

In conjunction with this, a powerful promotion that exposes your brand and drives qualified traffic to your website should be initiated. The promotion strategy can include – local citations to reach the customers of a specified area, Content Marketing, Media exposure through Press Release distributions, and classified ads.

Ranking high in the organic search results is the ultimate objective of any Local SEO for small business. An investment in SEO might take at least a few months to yield you with significant results, still with the best Small Business SEO Packages, you are sure to experience high ranks on the local search listing and be visible for your customers!

If you are looking to hold high ranks for your Small business websites on Google, it is essential that you invest more in SEO. A study conducted by Forbes, mentions that about 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase. Therefore if your business is not available online, your prospective customers are likely to get the service or products of your competitors.  SEO is effective than the other paid advertising forms, as it is long term and cost-effective. Paid ads may generate quick revenue but, SEO builds a strong base for your business online.

The budget can vary depending on the SEO works required for your Small business websites. It is important to analyse your audience in the early stages, and plan your SEO strategy according to the audience behaviour. Once when you are ready with the audience behaviour, you can give a try on different types of SEO campaigns – off page promotions, blog contents, etc.,

Ultimately, you get what you paid for. It does not mean that you just invest money in SEO and sit to watch your business grow. No, investing on intelligent expertise also matters!

Holding a strong web presence will help your business reach more potential prospects, while enhancing the social proximity with your customer base. Moreover, your competitors have already started growing their web presences, if you are not growing yours, then you are losing your potential customers.

There are many ways in which people search for product or services. Some use Google, while others will use Bing or Yahoo to find Small business websites to buy products or services. Whereas, some will use the social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, to find your business. A few might also look for you on the online business directories – Yelp, FourSquare etc. The method of finding business on the web is evolving every day! The more likely, your business is found, the more will your business be successful.

Hence, a strong web presence creates trust in the minds of the existing and prospective customers. The more repetitive customers see your brand, the more familiar are you in their minds.

Wikipedia defines Social media as, “the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.”

Yes, Social Media also has the ability to promote your blog contents and bring traffic to your website for the contents they will find useful. When you first give useful information in the form of knowledge, you are sure to receive business next!

The most common social media platforms are the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram etc., the number of users, the scope and the features of the social sites are evolving at a rapid rate.

These days, businesses have identified Social Media Marketing as the authentic and transparent method to engage with customers and build a healthy professional relationship with them. Therefore, it is essential that you update your business on the Social Media bandwagon. Talk to our experts in SEO agency in Sydney to add Social Media to your Small Business SEO Packages now!

This no-charge web service, the Google Webmaster Tools allow webmasters to check the indexing status of the website and optimise it accordingly. The webmasters have the options to submit and check the sitemaps, robots.txt files, list the internal and external web pages that link to the website, check on the statistics, and much more. The Google Webmaster Tool is a must have addition in your Small Business SEO Packages.

No! You should run away, from the agency who offers you with promises of this sort! Small Business SEO is complex and involves more variables, which is out of control, and it includes the Algorithmic changes done by Google. Even the competitor strategy and traits cannot be predicted. Hence, SEO is an ongoing investment which involves lot of intellectual planning and effective execution. No one can guarantee on the first page rankings in the short term!!

Positive reviews create a positive impact on the minds of a customer. That too, when a business targets on the local customers through online mediums, reviews play an important role in gaining the trust of the customer. SEO for small business evolves on this concept. A study reveals that about 84% of consumers signified that they trust online reviews just as they would trust a personal recommendation. Google and Yelp reviews play an important part in the online reviews race. And Google considers reviews as one of the ranking factors. Hence, it is better to concentrate on the reviews as well!

Google Reviews
TOP SEO have helped me create a website and in process of doing my seo they have been very helpful and easy to work with highly recommended
Brush Works
11:36 06 May 20
The Team at TOP SEO are so professional and attentive. We are so happy with our current rankings on Google. From no where to be found and no on page one. The new website enquiries are a reflection of the great work. Thanks Guys!
Chris Hekeik
05:20 06 May 20
Top SEO has been more than proactive in this challenging time and have exceeded our expectations. I can recommend them in all aspects of client communication and delivering on their proposed actions. We will be continuing moving forward with their services and are very happy.
scott benz
04:22 06 May 20
We have been with Top SEO for a few months. The ranking was definitely improved. Thank you Tanya and Harry for your excellent service, very good job, highly recommend!
Daniel we
04:13 06 May 20
Great service and results.Would highly recommend!
Con Koutroumbas
04:05 06 May 20
Having become unimpressed with a number of SEO companies hired over the past few years to promote the website for a larger sized SME that spans across multiple locations and suburbs I came across Top SEO just over 6 months ago. Since then I have been nothing short of impressed with the work and dedication from Harry and his team and have seen an improvement in overall website performance leading to improved business results. For the limited monthly budget I have for SEO services, these guys have put together a really good package that spans across a number of areas to help improve rank from on-page optimization to off-page optimization, content creation, Local SEO, GMB optimization and using structured markup, and best of all at the end of each month I receive an easy to read report with all the months work and activities listed that I have paid for (which I have never received obligingly from any other SEO company). Highly recommended!!read more
David McTaggart
07:19 02 Jan 20
Helped to build eCommerce business from the ground up. Patient, upfront and honest. Pleasure to deal with.
Carl Fortu
05:55 29 Jul 19
Excellent seo service from Top SEO Sydney. My experience with Harry and the team has been great, from when I left my previous seo company Harry has put in a lot of work to improve my keywords and suggested very helpful tips along the way to rank higher. Most professional service and would highly recommend them.
Total Colour Painting
01:33 19 Feb 19
Top SEO Sydney are very friendly and helpful, I definitely recommend using this company for all your SEO and Google AD Words, excellent service and nothing is a problem! Thank you from the Caring 4 Kids team.
Anna K
05:50 13 Feb 19
Top SEO have done a great job of pushing our keyword ranks high and in turn our business forward. They will keep you informed every step of the way and are always there to offer assistance and guidance. If you would like your business to grow and be successful then contact them today, they are honest SEO experts in Sydney.
Eric Tan
23:16 02 Feb 19
Harry and his team at TopSEO Sydney have provided excellent services across three of our websites with excellent results. What’s best is his cutting-edge know how (with no BS) is combined a with a fantastic old-fashioned, easy-going attitude making it easy to just pick up the phone and chat to him about your projects. Top bloke.
Adam Savage
05:33 22 Nov 18
Harry and his team at Top SEO Sydney have been fantastic. Honest, reliable and have exceeded our expectations. Great work. Thank you.
Steven Para
03:48 07 Nov 18
We are extremely happy with Top SEO Sydney’s services. Harry and Rada are honest, upfront, easy to deal with, and deliver what they promise. They are consistent with their reports so you know exactly what you get and what you pay for. After trying a few different companies this is a huge relief. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a rounded approach to improve their online presence.
Carina Hinse
23:11 06 Nov 18
Harry and the team at Top SEO have been fantastic. They are so helpful, honest, patient and reliable. We have started seeing results from all of the work and effort that has been put in by Harry and the team. Very highly recommended. Thank you for your work so far.
Nick Gjorgjioski
22:48 05 Nov 18
Harry from Top SEO is among the most honest & upfront people in this industry. You know you are getting what you pay for because the reporting is excellent. In three months we have already started getting results from Harry’s work. Would highly recommend his services!
Knee Hill
07:02 12 Sep 18

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We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.