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A few insights into the SEO Trends of 2020

SEO Trends of 2020

Now that 2020 is almost here, it is the right time to reflect on what an eventful year 2019 was for Organic search and how to use the knowledge for crafting better SEO Sydney strategies for the upcoming decade. This year was an incredibly event full year for SEO. Google offers searches with relevant search results from the most trusted sources. SEO Company offering SEO packages Sydney  should have an obligation to stay aware of emerging trends that can be incorporated into SEO strategies and web design projects. This is to ensure that your website gets creative and sound business advice

A few insights into the SEO Sydney Trends of 2020:

Unlike the last year, there are a few significant updates blooming over our heads like the mobile-first indexing update was in 2018. While Google continuous to refine its algorithm in operating artificial intelligence to determine ideal search results for every query the way people search awards along with it. Here are a few SEO trends for 2020 knowing, and employing these, you can stay a step ahead of your competition into the brand new era of search engine marketing.

  • No click results
  • Featured Snippets
  • Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search
  • Loading speed and Technical optimisations
  • Grow your Backlink profile
  • Video becomes King

Now we shall discuss in detail a few of these trends.

Featured snippets: 

Featured snippets rolled out in 2017 and have now shifted the way SEO professional target keywords drastically. Google attempts to give more information on the search results page. Targeting for featured snippets remains one of the best ways to take SERP.

What should you do? 

Have your SEO Company Sydney perform keyword research specific to the keywords that are relevant to your business.

  • Focus on targeting organic featured snippets as a part of the SEO campaign.
  • Determine the keywords that are driving your best conversions and prioritise SEO efforts from those keywords and related terms.
  • Create informational contents that answer long-tail queries like DIY information and how to.

Link building:

Whether you are brand new to link building or have been using it for a while, it will help to grow quickly and in the right direction. Link building is the practice of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

Artificial Intelligence and voice search: 

SEO professionals have been talking about voice search, Artificial Intelligence, and its impact in the industry for many years. Google strengthens its algorithm and artificial intelligence, making it both harder to manipulate rankings without merits. It also improves their ability to give searches for the best results.

What should you do? 

  • Make sure the quality of the writing on the website is appropriate for the topic you are attempting to rank for.
  • You cannot trick BERT but understand that Google will look for different types of quality definitions on the topic.

If rankings drop after BERT or any other algorithm update, hire a professional SEO agency to investigate and potentially solve the situation.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.