4 Skills That Every Business Needs to Know in Digital Marketing

4 Skills That Every Business Needs to Know in Digital Marketing

The pandemic has resulted in the emergence of new trends in digital marketing. As the workforce continues to change, the biggest platforms have implemented major changes in order to adapt because things would definitely be different every year. In order to stand out among the competition, a leading Sydney SEO consultant recommends the following important digital marketing skills.

1. Technical SEO

Thanks to last year’s algorithm updates, technical SEO has become more and more important these days. Marketers must check their structured data and ensure that their mobile content can be accessed and rendered by Googlebot because of the 100 percent mobile-first indexing. With regards to updates to the page experience, marketers should implement lazy loading, compress images and decrease javascript commands to boost their Core Web Vitals. They should also give particular importance to keyword targeting based on a person’s search intent after Google’s BERT update. In order to remain competitive, an expert working for a top Sydney SEO services said that marketers must keep abreast of all the important algorithm updates.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC can take various lucrative forms including podcast ads, app store ads, display ads, social media ads, search ads and many more. Using emotions in ads is one of the best strategies to boost your PPC campaigns. According to science, there is an emotional basis for every business-to-business (B2B) buying and all the other decisions. For top experts in Sydney SEO web design, it is very important for a business to add emotion into its marketing campaign because in the end, the purchasing decision would still end up at the hands of an individual or group of persons.

3. Integrate Google Ads audience targeting and broad match keywords

Although this is an already old strategy, it is still valuable after we said goodbye to the previous keyword match type. Combining these two can help businesses capture a bigger audience with all the right people. This is quite helpful because B2B marketing is mainly targeted at the company’s decision makers.

4. LinkedIn Website Demographics feature

This tool is amazing because it offers you information on the traffic going to your website based on factors like geography, industry, job characteristics, job function, company and company size. These details can be used to subdivide your audiences. Here you can learn which roles and departments are viewing your ads. The information from this tool can also be used to further view which visitors are actually making conversions on your website. According to a top Sydney SEO consultant, this feature is also perfect for comparing audiences which will help you in making crucial ad changes for greater chance of conversions.

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