Ways to Avoid Google Penalties That Negatively Affect Search Rankings

Avoid Google Penalties That Negatively Affect Search Rankings

Google takes its ranking algorithm seriously. In fact, it is regularly updated to give users the best possible experiences whenever they search. Websites and pages are penalised if they fail to comply with its Webmaster Guidelines. These penalties are known to affect the search rankings negatively. In worse cases, a website or pages could be removed entirely from the results.

For these reasons, it is very important for us to understand the nature and other basic aspects of these Google penalties. Let’s find out what experts from a top SEO company Sydney have to say on how to fix or prevent such problems.

Manual Penalties

Actual employees of Google inflict manual penalties on web pages with security, content quality and other potentially inadvertent issues. These sanctions can also be given to pages that use black hat SEO to manipulate Google’s algorithm on purpose. These issues are usually easy to determine and fix.


You can find many different tools for checking Google penalties. Experts from the best SEO company Sydney recommend the Google Search Console because it is simpler and easier to use compared to others. Just go to the dashboard and look for the tab ‘Security & Manual Actions’ and select Manual Actions. It will give you the details of your violations, the affected pages and the possible solutions. When the issues are solved, submit it for evaluation. Your page will be reindexed once approved.

Algorithmic Penalties

Google updates its algorithm each year to continue providing the best search results. Hummingbird, Pigeon, Penguin and Panda are among the most significant changes. According to an expert from a top SEO company in Sydney NSW, certain updates are intended to give lower rankings to pages that fail to comply with the guidelines. These include Penguin for black hat linking and Panda for violations like low-quality content, grammatical errors and keyword stuffing. On the contrary, some updates are in favor of pages with new prioritised ranking factors. These include Hummingbird for mobile responsiveness and Pigeon for strong local signals.

When Google makes an algorithm update, it is possible for a website’s ranking to drop. Possible reasons include guideline violations or the other websites have improved their alignment with some ranking factors.


Unlike manual penalties, you cannot check for algorithmic penalties because they are not directly mentioned anywhere. All you can do is check if the lower traffic to your site coincides with the launch of an algorithm update. Next, try to learn everything you can regarding the changes in order to determine what you need to adjust in your content. An expert from a top SEO company Sydney said the changes you made may or may not restore the online traffic and search ranking of your website.

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