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Top SEO Blog – Email Marketing as a Cost Efficient Tool to Do Business Online

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Top SEO Blog – Email Marketing as a Cost Efficient Tool to Do Business Online

Top SEO Blog - Email Marketing as a Cost Efficient Tool to Do Business Online

Email marketing is one of the effevtive methods used in digital marketing. This is a form of promoting products and services by sending an advertisement or commercial message toward groups of people with the use of an email.

Email marketing serves as a helping hand for businesses to reach and link more potential customers to their Web pages. According to an analysis by McKinsey and Company, this form of strategy is 40 times more effective than promoting in social media platforms. This study also shows that the purchasing procedure takes place 3 times faster than social media.

5 steps involved in Email Marketing

Here in Australia, the top email marketing agency sydney augmented the fact that there is estimated more than 34% of the world’s population use email as a form of communication. Thus, it falls as a perfect way of conveying advertisements to prospective customers. Here is their process of Email Marketing:

Step 1. Define- They will ask the customer first about the details of the products or services being offered, and what will be the approach  for the month. This company also proposes if they will create a new market profile, or they will use the existing profile of the customer inorder to systematise campaigns.

Step 2. Design and Test- The designers and the copy writer will begin to create the customer’s brand message, they will draft each email with bespoke copy and images. If the customer already agreed about the design, the team will proceed in testing different browsers.

Step 3. Optimise and Send- In this step, the team will collect all of the requirements needed, enumerating how many suitable emails will be sent, and they also recommend conversion points in order to have accurate data and to make sure  that the campaign will be successful. This may also compromise the formation of custom landing pages, supporting the social campaigns or following up the data for the sales staff.

Step 4. Review and Measure- After it was sent, the company will review all the data. This includes the open, click rates and recipient activity.

Step 5. Report-  The Account Manager will ensure that all emails are sent in the best time, they will also make sure to track the unsubscribe and control bounced email. They will be also presenting detailed reports to the clients which  include the number of open and clicks.

Importance of Email Marketing to Businesses

Email marketing is the most cost efficient way to advertise business and promote products or services online. This is why many companies turn to the topnotch email marketing services Sydney firms to improve their marketing campaigns and boost their sales..

So, if you are a business owner that is searching or looking for the best strategy to improve your sales, this digital marketing strategy is perfect for you to use. It is best to consult with the leading email marketing Sydney companies as they will guide you through it.

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