Quick Tips to Boost SEO Content Readability and Ranking

Quick Tips to Boost SEO Content Readability and Ranking

Ranking well in search engines is no easy feat. With how widespread the Internet has become, there are many factors to consider to increase one’s search ranking and readability.  Every local SEO company in Sydney Australia takes all of these into consideration, but especially is the readability of the content.

If what’s on your page isn’t going to make people stay, how can the algorithm know it’s worthy to rank?

SEO Content Readability

When thinking of readability, many marketers make use of various technologies and devices to check the readability of their content. The more comprehensive, the more it will rank.

As such, technologies that calculate the reading “difficulty” of a piece of writing have been made which makes recommendations like making sentences shorter. Whether this is by using a more active voice, breaking up large chunks of text to more comprehensive, or finding a certain line of text unneeded.

Readability ranks but the definition of readability continues to evolve with technology. It’s taking on a more human form each passing day. So the next time you think  “What does the SEO company near me consider as worthy of ranking?”, there are some guidelines you can start with which include:

  1. Quit the over-paragraphing
  2. Resist over-formatting
  3. Link with mercy

Quit the over-paragraphing

Whether you’re writing a blog post or an email, having plentiful yet small paragraphs can be annoying when you can place much more than simple lines. Be more mindful of the way your texts are laid out. 

If after a second glance, it seems there’s no reason for you to change lines then there is no need to change anything. You can continue on with the next paragraphs.

Resist over-formatting

Filling a piece of text with loads of formatting is not the way to go. Make use of your headers and bullets but if more of your text is more formatted than not, you need to reconsider.

Excessive formatting could steer viewers away just by the sight of the layout. They do not want to exhaust too much of their eyes only to then process everything again in their minds. Lessen the load for them and let them enjoy what they read.

Internal and external linking are important to invite people, but it’s best to not overwhelm readers with the number of links they’ll have to click and visit. Ideally, one should aim to only limit themselves to two links in a single paragraph. Going beyond may distract the viewer or steer them away.

SEO readability is always changing

Even with the guidelines and tips each person can give, we can all be certain that SEO readability is always changing. More and more people have become accustomed to skimming through web pages and reading content at a glance. In some form, SEO readability is its own form of human communication.

That’s why companies such as SEO Sydney try as much as they can to study and learn the many ways SEO is changing each day.

Some websites might currently be getting away with prioritizing the algorithm’s needs, but as the algorithm itself becomes more sophisticated, writing that factors in human readability will rise to the top.

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