Must-Watch Top Technical SEO Trends in 2021

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The dependence of SEO on various technical elements to improve website ranking is undeniable. With so many new metrics, tools and other emerging technologies, it is quite good to ask the potential impact of such changes on the more technical side of things. In order to make the most out of the benefits of such changes, here are some of the technical SEO expert Sydney trends that we should watch out for this year.

Focus on Basic Technical SEO Skills

It is still very important to have a solid foundation of the different basic SEO technical skills. According to a top SEO agency Sydney consultant, many clients are having a hard time in understanding the value of the basic SEO fundamentals. Instead of focusing on these best practices, he adds that people are giving greater attention and focus on the next big thing.

The basic skills include recognising and fixing site performance, accessibility, indexation and crawlability issues. In addition, it is also important to know how they should be prioritised.

Get Ready for Core Web Vitals

Without a doubt, Core Web Vitals is one of the industry’s hottest subjects in 2021. It is very important to think how technical SEO can be affected by these newly updated Google ranking factors. When thinking about what should be the focus, ensure that site speed improvement is one of your top priorities.

According to experts, the other most popular ways to optimise include the use of a content delivery network and the implementation of server-side caching for design and markup assets. It can also help to convert to the latest formats as well as to optimise media files by compressing for data use and size. Next, it is also important to pay attention to image performance optimisation.

Strategic Use of Structured Data and Schema

Many SEOs depend on schema and structured data to organise things. They do this to make sure that crawlers can identify, index and deliver their website content to searchers. A top SEO consultant Sydney said that structured data should be used in order to achieve particular objectives and not just for the sake of using it. The point is make your goals clear and use structured data only if it will benefit your strategy. Meaning, there is no need to escalate things if it will just lead to unimportant additional work to everyone without producing the right results in the end.

Use Automation to Your Maximum Advantage

Automation is very valuable because it can make daily work more streamlined and easier. More importantly, it can positively affect your business in many different ways. An SEO expert Sydney suggests that for this year, be sure to look for ways on how automation can assist you in effectively achieving your technical SEO goals as well as your bigger business objectives.

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