Mobile Optimisation And Voice Search SEO Trends To Follow In 2018

Mobile Optimisation And Voice Search SEO Trends To Follow In 2018

Do you know? Reaching the top spot of the search engines can improve your company’s exposure and establish you as an industry authority. With 2018 being evolved, it is important to analyse how well you have influenced Google or other search engines to keep your business in the online market. Search engines focus on customer’s buying pattern, so you can expect Google’s algorithm to show more importance to the end user and their browsing experience.

SEO is a never-ending process that continues to change the current trends making it difficult to pinpoint. Voice search, mobile optimisation are the hot topic of discussion nowadays.

Mobile Optimisation:

Smartphones are dominating the landscape with more and more web browsing occurring in mobile devices. Mobile trends in SEO have become quite compelling. In fact, the mobile wave has had a significant witnessed impact on SEO and will continue to disrupt. So, mobile optimised web design and content should strongly focus on the response to mobile indexing. Primary contents should be included in the mobile version of any websites, ensuring the important contents receive optimal exposure. As each new mobile device comes with different voice search functions, think about it to gain traffic.

  • How Does Mobile Optimisation Influence SEO?

Though Google still considers desktop versions to rank the websites, the addition of mobile sites along with some important factors including speed of the page and user experience will be the key of your website’s visibility in Google.

  • Stay Ahead In The Game By:
  • Utilising structured data in web design
  • Leveraging browser caching for more speed
  • Avoiding pop-ups and flash

Voice Search Optimisation:

Mobile voice search is the king now, it is gaining momentum quickly. More users have already upgraded to voice search devices. Voice search has gained mileage because it is more convenient to use than to type. Furthermore, structured data has proved to improve the quality of voice search, paving the way for voice searches to be accepted quickly.

  1. Featured Snippets:

These are highly engaging and boost the traffic. Snippets alone boot the traffic by 20-30 percent. As a result, it is vital to focus on writing contents that are engaging and rich enough for Google to feature your content in snippets. Remember, engagement metrics play a vital role in contents that are featured in Google snippets.

  1. Understand The Extent Of Ads:

Mobile users will find an excess of ads intrusive. Google worked on the ads as mobile users were bombarded with ads bringing out some solutions to help. Banners, ads and targeted offers were the solutions, which uses only a small screen space and close easily.

With fun, personal assistance, as well as general information being looked up by voice search, this effortless and time-saving option, changed local searches including online shopping experiences too.

Hope that is helpful! Whether you are a marketer or own a business, it is always beneficial to learn the new SEO tactics.

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