4 Steps to Augment Your Website – The Basics of SEO

4 Steps to Augment Your Website – The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, basically, is used to position your website in a way that makes it discoverable in critical points when people search for a relevant topic.  The main purpose of SEO in Sydney is to provide a seamless user experience as well as to communicate with the search engines about your intentions, so that they would recommend your website for respective searches. Here are 4 steps that can be chosen as a strategy to optimise your website with SEO:

  1. Analyse the Meta sets or keyword to determine how you are positioned for search engines. Also examine the keywords and rankings of competitor’s websites so as to frame an effective engine positioning strategy. And begin to frame keywords that relate to your target audience & market segment.
  1. From the nominated list of words, identify, make and analyse a targeted list of words. Prioritise the keywords, phrases and misspellings. Regularly analyse your position every 30 to 45 days & you should see a good improvement in web traffic. Clearly define your goals and objectives to measure your ROI for the programs being implemented.
  1. Now optimise your content by creating keyword-based titles, Meta description tags, & place strategic search phrases on webpages. Later create XML & HTML versions of your webpages & submit them via Bing & Google webmaster tools.
  1. Perform continuous testing & maintenance wherein you may analyse website rankings & web traffic to see how effective your implemented programs are. Also add new keywords or modify existing keywords to improve search engine rankings accordingly.

SEO in Sydney can be fruitful to anyone seeking to optimise their website, but without proper implementation such efforts can go in vain.

Harry Sazos

Harry Sazos has over 15 years of serving full digital marketing solutions in combination with taylor-made web applications for clients who demand high performance standards. Digital marketing is my expertise and in with my web development & design skills just add to the positive results from projects. Research and Analysis, Web Design & Application Development, SEO / SEM / PPC / Social Media CRM, Email Marketing, Conversion rate, Analytics Reporting, mobile friendly websites / Responsive web design which increases usability. I am continuously following web trends in order to provide maximum ROI. Proven Leadership skills involving managing developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives.

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