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4 Ways You Can Find Opportunities to Beat the SEO Competition

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The digital landscape is more competitive than ever and businesses are constantly on the lookout for strategies that help them stay on top of the game. SEO and digital marketing are a boon for all kinds of companies, as they present the right opportunities to grow and prosper. This guide will suggest you some of the best tactics you could use to beat the competition!

  1. Start With Analysing Your Competition:

When you are analysing your competitor, know what they are doing and how they’re doing it. Take a look at their SEO strategy and identify where they are excelling at. With this analysis, you will be able to create a strategy for yourself and improve your rankings.

Type in the main keywords on Google and see which sites come up first. You can then use the relevant tools to perform the competitor analysis process.

Find Out Your Main Competitors:

There are tools that helps you find out who your biggest competitors are. SEMrush is a great example. This tool offers key information about your competitors including the following:

  • Total number of keywords each site is ranking for
  • Estimated organic traffic
  • Keywords the domains have in common
  • Number of paid keywords (Google Ads), and more.

Analyse their Backlink Profile:

Now that you know your competitors’ keywords, it’s time to do a little investigating. Look at their backlink profiles and see what you can learn from them. Link building is such an essential part of SEO and there are specific tools designed just for it.

In Google’s Webmaster Tools, you can enter your competitor’s URLs and get a detailed report showing where they’re getting their links from and how powerful those links are. This kind of analysis will help you understand how hard it will be to outrank your competition, as well as give you ideas on new places to build backlinks yourself.

With SEMrush, you will be able to find out the total number and types of backlinks, and if they are followed or nofollowed. Backlink analysis is pretty useful, because you can identify keywords that help you rank better.

  • Use Trending Topics To Your Advantage:

It’s nearly impossible for small businesses to compete with big brands on major search engines, but there are ways around it.

Incorporating trending topics that people are searching for can help you reach an audience you might not have otherwise. If you make a point of commenting on relevant social media posts, your website could start showing up in Google search results that wouldn’t otherwise show up based on keyword searches alone.

Another way to use trending topics is by creating original content that speaks directly to what people are talking about online. For example, if you create an infographic about how much consumers spend on Valentine’s Day gifts each year, you may be able to capitalise on interest surrounding February 14th (or even longer).

  • Traffic Analysis:

Google Analytics and SEMrush will help you find out how your website is performing in terms of traffic and what is the estimated traffic your competitors receive.

When performing traffic analysis, pay attention to such aspects as Unique Visitors, Average Visit Duration, Number of Pages Per Visit, And Bounce Rate. Not to mention examining the trends for each of them. This way you can find out if your competition has gained or lost traffic within a particular period of time. An SEO company can also pull other relevant reports to give you a deeper understanding about your competitors’ traffic analytics.

  • Keyword Research:

Before you do anything else, it’s crucial that you thoroughly research your intended target keyword. Keyword research is an often-misunderstood element of online marketing, but it’s incredibly important: if you don’t know how to choose a keyword and whether or not it will be popular, chances are good that your online efforts won’t pay off.

Experts use keyword research tools to gather data on what keywords people are using when they search for a topic related to your business. With proper keyword research, you’ll have a much better idea of which terms people might use to find your site, and how competitive those terms might be. If there aren’t many results for those terms, then you may have found yourself a valuable niche market!

Pay Attention to Long Tail Keywords:

In addition to focusing on your main keywords, you should pay attention to long tail keywords. Long tail refers to a set of related keywords that are longer than typical short tail keywords. For example, instead of dog training (short tail), you might want to focus on how to train my dog (long tail).

While there may be fewer searches for long tail keywords, they tend to convert better because they are more specific and used by people who have a greater interest in what they search for. The Keyword Magic Tool in SEMrush is great for discovering good long tail keywords.

Know the Competition Level of Keywords:

Finding the best ranking keywords is one, but choosing those that are less competitive is equally important. If you choose keywords that are too popular or competitive, the results of your strategy won’t be impressive. When using keyword research tools, pay attention to Keyword Difficulty (KD). The trick is to find out keywords that have good volume and lower KD.

SEO is an ever-changing game. Google makes changes to its algorithm regularly, so if you don’t stay on top of the game, you would see your competitors taking more of your potential customer traffic than they should be. Talk to the SEO consultants today.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.