Want to Boost Your SEO? Email Marketing is Your Answer

Search engine optimisation is not just about websites and search engine platforms. On-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies are combined to determine the ranking of your website in search. Even though link building is a popular off-page SEO strategy that works, email marketing in Sydney is a powerful tactic that can enhance your SEO efforts by many folds. Emails are a great way to reach out to your audience directly and improve your digital marketing strategy. Here are 5 ways email marketing can enhance your SEO:

Improve Website Traffic:

You can create automated emails that will be sent out to your subscribers from time to time. Personalised emails will drive more traffic to your website, and this will only improve when your subscriber list is growing. When Google realises that your website is receiving quality traffic, it rewards you with better ranking in the search results.

Reduce Bounce Rates:

With email marketing in Sydney, you can share trending content or a curated list of blog posts that your customers might be interested in. Those that are curious would click and go to your website. When your visitors like your content, they will stay on your site for some time, which results in reduced bounce rates. Lower bounce rate means better ranking eventually.

Identify Search Intent:

Google implements machine learning to improve the search experience for its users. With the power of AI, it delivers results based on what the user is actually looking for. In order to provide the most appropriate content to a query, you must identify the search intent. This is made possible with email marketing.

Create a survey and send it to your email subscribers. Include a list of questions that helps you understand your audience better. Based on the responses received, you will know what kind of content will cater to their requirements or interests. This strategy is effective, as your content is relatable and the customers will like it. It further improves engagement and brings down bounce rates at the same time.

Ask for Customer Reviews:

Reviews are one of the most important ranking signals in local SEO. Get the assistance of email marketing services in Sydney to obtain reviews from your subscribers. This is immensely helpful for local businesses to rank up in search results. Besides good ranks, reviews also develop trust and attract new customers as well.

Encourage Social Media Engagement:

Including social sharing buttons in your email content will motivate your subscribers to share it across different social media platforms. Ask your customers to share your content for driving social shares and traffic to your website. Better engagement in social media also contributes to improving your SEO strategy.

From the above points, you should now realise how the combination of email marketing and SEO can do wonders to your marketing strategy. Get in touch with an email marketing agency in Sydney for quality assistance.

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