Know these 3 New Performance Max Features on Google Ads

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Google introduced Performance Max campaigns in order to help improve results across all Google ads channels and eventually enhance your SEO. Recently, the search engine giant announced a slew of features for Performance Max that allows you to analyse your campaign performance, acquire new customers, and enhance smart shopping campaigns. To know more about Performance […]

3 Micro-conversion Strategies to Improve Your Paid Social Campaign

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From SEO to PPC, there are plenty of digital marketing channels from which to choose when you’re ready to promote your business and grow your audience. When you run a paid social campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or another platform, it’s easy to focus only on driving traffic and getting new followers. But that doesn’t mean […]

Google to End Support for Universal Analytics on July 2023

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Google has recently announced that it is sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1 2023, after which Google Analytics 4 will go into effect. In their blog post, the company announced new hits won’t be processed by Universal Analytics on July 1 2023. Furthermore, Universal Analytics 360 will stop processing new hits starting October 1, 2023. […]

8 Updates in Google My Business You Should Know in 2022

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Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Google has been steadily making changes and releasing new updates on Google My Business (GMB). For those running local businesses, it’s absolutely important to catch up on these changes, so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Fortunately, this guide describes all the recent updates in GMB that […]

Choosing the right SEO in Sydney for you

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Consider having a store with no signage on it — no name, no glass, nothing. People may enter out of curiosity, seeking for product X, while you’re actually offering product Y. Now, if you have a store with a visible name and, most likely, a product image on it, it will draw a lot of […]

The Best Popular SEO Services to Avail

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) services are used by businesses across a wide range of industries to improve a website’s ranking in search results. Sydney SEO companies frequently create or modify website content with keywords in order to improve a site’s ranking. To increase their chances of being found during searches, many businesses supplement their SEO […]

SEO Testing: How to Turn It Into a Competitive Advantage

SEO Testing: How to Turn It Into a Competitive Advantage

Making changes across an entire website can be expensive and risky. Before implementing these updates all together, it is therefore worthwhile to assess first any potential impact. With SEO testing, it is possible to make changes on one page or more and still be able to monitor the results. Knowing the best practices for SEO […]

How Digital Marketing Helps In Boosting Small Business?

How Digital Marketing Helps In Boosting Small Business?

The optimum utilisation of time spent on the search for certain information or finding anything required from e-commerce apps has become easy and effective with the help of SEO. Many would think what is SEO? It is Search engine optimisation (SEO) which helps us getting what exactly we are looking for. It keeps giving us a better […]

Why Are Local Citations Important?

Why Are Local Citations Important?

You’re a local business owner that offers a valuable service/product which everyone needs. You are doing SEO and on-page optimisation to make your website discovered. But, your business isn’t appearing for your keywords on searches and customers are barely dropping in. Or, maybe your competitors are simply out-ranking you on the SERPs, and you are […]

Insights on Google’s Latest Featured Snippet Update

Insights on Google’s Latest Featured Snippet Update | Top SEO Sydney

In an effort to keep page one as clean as possible; Google recently announced a significant update on how the Featured snippets will work. This change will impact the majority of snippets, including top stories and video featured snippets. So, what is the fuss about Google’s update on featured snippets? If you own a featured […]