A Quick Guide: SEO Trends that will Matter the Most in 2019

Dominate the Search Engine Rankings with these SEO strategies in 2019

With 2019 quickly approaching, a scrutiny of what will be important in SEO trending needs to be evaluated. These are important trends as they set the pace for marketing and audience targeting in 2019, and how to get ahead in the Google rankings. The SEO trends are as follows:


Mobile First Indexing –This means Google uses the version of your page found on mobile devices for indexing and ranking. Google has started the migration to mobile sites in the past, but the trend is to ramp up the process.


Page Speed – Google wants the best page speed available. Therefore, desktop loading time is a huge factor in making sure the Google ranks are hit. For SEO editing, the mobile page speed is a big factor as well. The speed of a page upload will make a difference in the metrics of analysis for Google. SEO services can come in handy to help boost your page speed.


Brand Into Ranking Signal – Google, using brand icons in the search algorithm, learns the brand is an entity and the context of the brand matters. As an example, the Search Quality Guidelines show that reputation matters in terms of rankings. Backlinks can still have a strong ranking signal. By mentioning the brand online, this gets high up in the rankings.


Amazon Search – With an algorithm similar to Google and the only real difference is the use inside of Amazon, more people are using it for shopping. It is wise to run a keyword research on Amazon. Use Rank Tracker, a program that has Amazon Autocomplete.


Mobile First – Everything is going mobile. This means when you are designing your site, it is critical to keep the SEO terms in the first view of the site. Google uses mobile-first indexing, a practice that shows mobile pages must have the same textual information as desktop sites.


Customer Centric Service – Because of the Hummingbird algorithm, Google is using Latent Semantic Indexing, enabling the search engine to understand the relationships between the synonyms and terms in alternating contexts through analysis of billions of web pages. It helps Google to assess the context of the page through the content for a given page and relates it to how well it addresses the intent of the searcher.


SERP Feature – SERP or Search Engine Results Page feature is the non-traditional organic search results. These features are gaining momentum into the new year. Examples include snippets of information one might find on different sites with alternating information. This includes instant answers in the form of short paragraphs as well as reviews and videos.


The user experience is paramount to building a good SEO strategy on your site. You will need to focus on what Google is looking for in terms of analytics and the review of different terms’ relationship to the actual searched word or expression. You can hire SEO company Sydney to help your website keep up with the latest trends to always stay ahead of the competition.

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