SEO Tactics to Thrive During a Crisis

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The entire world is experiencing a transformation due to COVID 19. Many businesses are facing standstill, due to this economic down time. Even most people are affected negatively at their personal and professional level. So, it is important to plan your short and long term goals and make necessary changes to your marketing strategy. At this time, you might be confused, if you should hold on your marketing and advertising during this crisis. The answer is, you must hold on, but with a different approach!

Here are a few SEO tactics for businesses right now –

Tell Your Clients That you’re Open for Business

With so much of uncertainty across the globe, many cities face different guidelines ranging from social distancing to lockdown of nonessential business. So, there are many chances that your clients might be under the perception that you are closed for business. Hence, as a first step, you must let your clients know that you are open for business. Make this notification on your website, and social pages, so that they will know that you are open for business.  Post updates about your business regularly. Even if your business is temporarily closed, let your customers know, when they can expect to hear back from you again.

Banner/Pop up Message

When customers find you on the searches, they might land on your website. A simple message on the homepage is not just enough. You must include a simple banner or pop up message that conveys empathy on the pandemic. But, it is recommended that you show the message only once to the website visitor. If it pops up on every page after the visitor has seen it, they could get irritated. In case, your business doesn’t have a website, but has a Google My Business listing, you can try creating a few website and drop your message there. If you require help with customisation, get in touch with the experts from SEO Company.

Updating Contact Forms

If your website has contact forms, or a specific contact page, update the details of availability on the forms. For example, let your customers know about the limited availability of staff, anticipated response times etc. Letting the customers know what to expect from you will help avoid any frustration, and builds up trust.

Write Blogs

Well, this might help you reach more, and keep you customers informed. You can also share this content on your social channels, so that you can build up your audience base. Moreover, quality blogs can help you gain higher SEO ranks on Google.

Update your Google My Business Listing

Ensure to notify your clients on what they should know about your business. If you have any new information related to your delivery procedures, work timings or anything that you consider informing them.

If you are a local business owner looking for help on SEO or exploring the affordable SEO packages Sydney, get in touch with the experts today!

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