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01 May Building Your Online Presence

The building blocks on SEO and understanding what it takes to minimise your effort to rank and perform. Creating goals for your SEO is extremely important, almost as important as the SEO itself. Unless you have an idea of what you are doing it can...

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28 Apr Backlinks are still bread and butter

Backlinks are considered to be common ranking factor but how do we know which links are best and which are not. It’s simple. Quality over quantity. I travel to sydney nearly every day to create websites and write their content for seo. In my work schedule...

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28 Apr Is your XML sitemap ready for local SEO?

Many australian seo companies are offering SEO packages in the masses without paying attention to one of the most simplest, crucial details when it comes to building small business and starting their online presence and audience. This isn't about gaming google, it's about giving your...

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