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How to Optimize Your Content for Featured Snippets?

Ever since Google introduced the concept of featured snippets, snippets have now become an invaluable marketing weapon that gives a business the potential to highlight what they are doing and boost web traffic.

According to HubSpot, content that appears on the snippets can get as many clicks as other search result web pages. Google always focus on making search results more relevant to users. Google’s latest search updates bring more content to featured snippets and knowledgeable panel info.

“Search is not just about answering questions – it is all about discovery,” says Google product manager Michael Galvez. The reason behind introducing new featured snippets is to get users more relevant information fast and help them get a glimpse of multiple aspects of a topic with a single search.

So how do you get your webpage to show up in new featured snippets? Well, just like normal featured snippets but with more unique and quality content.

Whether you are out to gain a traffic boost or reap other benefits of increased visibility, here are some useful tips to appear in a featured snippet.

Do keyword research:

Keywords are an indispensable tool for a successful piece of content, especially to rank in featured snippets. So make sure you answer the questions that most of your customers ask. Avail SEO services Sydney for researching the keywords and implementing the SEO strategies.

Look at the results in the people also ask suggestions:

Before writing the content, look at “people also ask” section – It will give you more ideas about what customers are trying to get information about your product or service. Based on those questions you can choose a topic and include that question in the content with précised answers. You will be able to answer as many as queries possible in a single blog post.

The following are the certain types of enquires that Google prefers to feature in snippets:

  • How to
  • What is
  • How do
  • How does
  • Why do
  • Why does

According to a study, about 19% of searches using these types of questions result in a featured snippet on the first page of search results.

Try to write using the inverted pyramid style:

The inverted pyramid style is a concept of journalism that tells how information should be structured. Start by answering to most awaited part and then continue with the supporting details for the rest of your content. The Inverted pyramid is a smart technique to land on featured snippets.

Pay close attention to formatting:

Since snippets come in a different pattern, so it is essential to structure your content depending on the snippet format you want to show up. If you are targeting a paragraph snippet, make sure your answer to the question is found in a paragraph. If it is in table format, put your answers in a table.

Add a Q & A page to your website:

Adding Q & A section in your web page will be beneficial if you are offering products or services. The Q & A page demonstrate your expertise by addressing concerns, and they offer more opportunities for showing up in a snippet.

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Get your free SEO Quote

We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.