Most Important Ranking Factors You Need To Consider In 2021

Most Important Ranking Factors You Need To Consider In 2021

To provide users with the best results for search queries, Google constantly updates its algorithm. While many factors influence website rankings, regular changes in search algorithms significantly impact your website’s ranking in the results pages. Optimising your website provides your business with many benefits and helps to enhance overall traffic.

So, what are the ranking factors that will impact your website ranking in 2021? Here are the most important ranking factors that you need to focus and implement, as shared by our SEO Sydney experts:-

Google Page Experience Update

It is no wonder Google wants to enhance the user experience. They constantly look for ways to give the best answers to their user queries. One such effort to give the users the best is the page experience metrics. Google has recently announced that page experience metrics will also be included as one of their ranking factors. Yes, we are talking about the Google Page Experience Update. Core Web vitals include a set of metrics related to speed, visual stability, and responsiveness. In 2021, this would be the first update.

Those websites that don’t optimize their webpage and ensure it provides an engaging user experience for users will see a drop in their rankings at the beginning of 2021. That said, webmaster that put the efforts on creating better user experience will face the update without any negative impacts to their overall search visibility.

Content Depth

Google wants to rank the most relevant result for the query. Covering everything is the key.  However, it is not about content length but about covering the contents that are useful for the users. It is essential to consider what is important to searchers before creating content.

Page Speed

Since 2010, page speed has been one of the significant ranking factors. However, it is more important than ever as users ban a website that takes too long, that is more than 2 or 3 seconds, to load and never return to that webpage. Ensure your webpage loads quickly in such a way that doesn’t affect the users negatively.


Nearly two-thirds of searches take place on mobile. So, Google made mobile-friendliness a ranking factor for mobile searches in 2015 and for desktop searches too later in 2019. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.


Backlinks still remain an important ranking factor, and it will be. Remember, when your content earns many high-quality links, you hit three important ranking signals, including link authority, backlinks, and link diversity.

Now that you know the most important ranking factors you need to consider in 2021, consult your SEO Sydney experts to improve your website’s elements to these factors to sustain in the fierce competition.

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