How to Optimise Your Blog Posts For SEO?

How to Optimise Your Blog Posts For SEO? | Top SEO Sydney

Are you looking to generate more organic traffic to your blog? Who doesn’t! As a website owner or a blogger, you might want your blog to rank high on Google for particular keywords or show up for the results and every related search. Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, and it can be tricky at times. Regular blogging keeps the customers on your website for a long time, and offers other websites to link back to. Even if you are new to SEO, these invaluable tips from the experts at SEO Company, will help you optimise your blogs for SEO –

  • Keyword Research – Carrying out keyword research is essential procedure for your SEO There are many chances that you are using the keywords on your content, without even realising it. Nowadays, a variety of tools and procedures are available to explore keywords related to your business. You can even examine your competitors to see what keywords work for them and what phrases they are focusing on to generate organic traffic to their websites.
  • Use The Keywords On Your Post – After you have identified a few keywords which are relevant to your business, place them in necessary places on your website. This will influence the humans and the search engine bots to index your content. You can include the keywords in: Title, Subheadings, Introductory Paragraph, Closing Paragraph, Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Make sure not to stuff keywords, as it will cause Google to penalise your website. This will irritate your blog followers as well.
  • Optimise the Images – Make sure to optimise the images that you have uploaded to the blog. Incorporate keywords to the file name of the image, and complete the alternate text field with a description that is brief and keyword rich.
  • Reference – It is blogging etiquette to mention the name of another blogger or reference link to the facts that you are recommending. This will help you to get a link back. Gaining quality links is a great way to help the websites rank higher in the SERPs.
  • Options to Subscribe – Give a chance for the readers to subscribe to your blog. Incorporate RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons, so that the viewers have the ability to subscribe to your posts through email. This will allow the readers to get an instant notification of the latest posts.
  • Promote Blog Posts on Social Platforms – Leverage the social media platforms to heighten the reach of your blog posts. You can make use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other social channels to influence the potential customers. This will allow your blog content to get mor web exposure. You can also schedule the blog posts ahead of time.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you optimise your blog posts for SEO, boost the rankings, and improve the conversion rates. Need help with your blog optimisation? Get the professional SEO experts who offer SEO packages Sydney to get prominent positioning on the SERPs.

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