Google Rich Cards – It’s now buzzing around the SEO industry! So, what does “Google Rich Card” really mean? A card can be defined as a “graphical” representation unit which can be used to depict a product or service in a visual manner.

Still confused? Continue reading…. Google Rich Cards is a new markup language format which is capable of displaying content like movies, learning courses, and recipes in a more attractive and visually stimulating manner. SEO experts in Sydney say that the main aim of rich cards is to provide more visually appealing search results for users.

The Importance of Using Rich Cards

Rich cards can be greatly useful for site owners especially for movies, recipes, online learning courses etc. they provide an opportunity of standing out in the search results and creating a benchmark for marketing of products and services. It makes your service more desirable and provides you with higher Click-Through Rates (CTR) and eventually better conversion rates.

The Benefits Of Using Google Rich Cards Are Summarised Below:

  • They enhance visibility of your product in the search results.
  • They boost conversion rate by making the content more tempting.
  • They help in getting more targeted traffic by using a card carousel feature which is very user friendly and is already widely employed in major android and iOS apps.
  • Cards have a higher image resolution and visual appeal to it, aimed at improving the web search and browsing experience of the user, creating a visual appeal to your product and service.
  • The Webmasters tool provides reports and a detailed analysis about CTR, bounce rates, conversions etc. to monitor performance of your Rich Cards.

Main Features of Google Rich Cards

  • Rich Cards are assigned a new page in the search results
  • Rich cards will be displayed on the top of Google search results just like Google image results.
  • The use of high quality image for cards thumbnail is also going to make the results more attractive.
  • You can manually enable or disable Google rich card results
  • They are easy to set up


As the latest offering from Google, Google Rich Cards are the best promising and a wise decision to make use of when attempting to improve your CTR (Click through Ratio). If you’re looking to implement Google Rich Cards, contact the best SEO Company in Sydney!