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Google Now Lets You Measure Offline Conversions. Here’s How

Offline Conversations

When you are striving to grow your business, it is imperative to identify which leads will possibly convert into paying customers. This is where Enhanced Conversions come to play. You would be able to understand how effective your campaigns are by measuring closed leads.

Google already lets you track online conversions (on E-commerce stores, for example) with the help of Enhanced Conversions for Web. But how do you keep track of conversions that happen in the offline world, such as your retail shops? To make this possible, Google has introduced a new technique to easily measure offline conversions – Enhanced Conversions for Leads. If you are not familiar with the concept of Enhanced Conversions, this guide from the SEO Sydney experts will help you understand what this technology actually means.

An Overview of Enhanced Conversions:

Enhanced Conversions is a useful tool that lets you accurately measure conversions happening off a website. This means you could track sales that occur via phone or email, as well as purchases made in your offline stores. It will make use of your existing conversion tags in Google Ads to ensure you get the most accurate measurements of conversion. All you need to do is to set up Enhanced Conversions within the Google Ads platform or by using the Google Tag Manager.

enhanced conversions

Enhanced Conversions will send out first party conversion data to Google in a safe, secure, and private manner. The details of the lead such as their name, email, address will be first hashed and forwarded to Google. (Just in case you didn’t know, hashed data means the information of your leads will be anonymised/encrypted for privacy and security). The said information will then be used to measure conversions. According to the SEO Sydney experts, Google uses a secure hash algorithm called SHA256.

How Enhanced Conversions for Leads Works?

Google’s Enhanced Conversions for Leads is a great way to measure offline conversions. Here’s how it works:

  1. While browsing the web, a user discovers your ad and clicks on it.
  2. They will arrive at your website and begins browsing to learn more about your product or service.
  3. If interested, they will fill out the online form on your website to become a lead. Once they submit the necessary details, it will be hashed and sent by Google.
  4. Every information collected from your leads will be securely stored in your CRM database.
  5. Let’s say the lead converts into a paying customer. When you upload the hashed lead information, it will get matched with the specific Google Ad that generated this lead.

2 Ways to Set Up Enhanced Conversion for Leads:

Choose any of the following methods to setup Enhanced Conversions for leads: the Global Site Tag and Google Tag Manager

Google Tag manager
  • The Global Site Tag: If you implement conversion tracking with the help of Google’s own Global Site Tag, you can manually set up Enhanced Conversions for Leads.
  • Google Tag Manager: You can set up Enhanced Conversions manually using the Google Tag Manager with minor changes in configuration.

Why You Should Utilise Enhanced Conversions for Leads?

One of the biggest reasons why Google has implemented this tool is privacy. User privacy in the online world has become a major talking point in the recent times, and companies like Facebook and Google have been modifying their services and operations to comply with the new privacy policies. This overhaul made it difficult for digital marketers to track the performance of their ad campaigns. As a result, Enhanced Conversions for Leads was introduced as the new approach to track, measure, and optimise ad campaigns.

SEO experts near me explain that Enhanced Conversions will allow you to generate precise conversion data even if users have restricted data sharing. Therefore, you should be able to accurately measure your campaign performance.

Why Measure Offline Conversions?

Several digital marketers know that measuring online conversions can immensely help their ad campaigns. But not many are aware of the importance of measuring offline conversions. So why does offline conversions matter and how will it benefit your business? Find out below:

Benefits of Voice Search Optimisation

Keeping track of offline conversions allows you to optimise your Google Ads campaigns. If you don’t collect offline conversion data, it’d seem as though all your leads came from filling out the form on your website. You’d also see that the conversions happened only from these leads.

Using your CRM, you will know exactly where your customers came from, but Google Ads doesn’t. So, what happens when you enable automated bidding strategy? Google Ads will assume all leads are the same, thereby assigning the same bid for each prospect.

Different prospects take different actions, and therefore each and every prospect will have a distinct value. With the Maximise Conversion Value bidding strategy, you can pay attention to the most valuable leads of your business. This wasn’t simple and straightforward to implement earlier, therefore Google has made it easier with Enhanced Conversion for Leads.

When additional insight or data like this is available on Google Ads, the platform can suggest better optimisation techniques to offer fruitful results and improve your return on investment.

If you are interested in learning more about Enhanced Conversions, or if you want to see how it impacts your ad campaigns, talk to the expert of a reliable SEO company near me today.

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We will provide you with a no obligation SEO Quote with a 3 month scope SEO Plan carefully measured to your current website’s SEO score and industry.