Log File Analysis

What is Log File Analysis and How It Works?

Log file analysis is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO, and most SEO experts have never conducted one. If you aren’t performing log file analysis, you are missing out on unique and invaluable insights that regular crawling tools just can’t produce. Log Files According to the professionals from the best SEO agency, log […]

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Content Quality

What to Do with Your Old Content? Improve or Remove It?

Corporate blogs became ‘the thing to do’ in around 2005, and big players in the business embraced it as it could drive in more traffic and organic sales. It is even considered as an additional stream of advertising income. Initially, blog posts were focuses on sheer bulk usage of keywords. But, today, the focus is […]

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SEO Is Important

Why SEO Is Important for Lawyers, Real Estate Agency, and Healthcare

Optimising a website to be found in the local search is not an easy task. It includes all those nifty search terms that scream local, such as: Real estate agents near me Real estate agency near me Lawyers near me Healthcare professional near me Real estate agency (city name) Healthcare (city name) Lawyers (city name) […]

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How to Use Gmail Ads

How to Use Gmail Ads to Grow Your Business

There are numerous technologies that will increase the sales of your business and bring you unbelievable success. This includes your website, customer insight tools, business productivity apps, and more. But, if you are serious about growing your business, you must adopt more technologies to your business strategy. Here is a whittled list of reasons why […]

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Techniques for Link Building

Techniques for Link Building that Actually Works

Did you know as with just about everything in the world of SEO, the best link building techniques change every year? Without a proper SEO strategy or if you don’t revamp your SEO strategy regularly, you could accidentally fall prey to a Google penalty. So, here we’ve listed a few techniques from the SEO experts […]

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Google June 2019 Core Update

What You Ought to Know About Google June 2019 Core Update

For the first time in the history of Google updates, Google has announced the roll-out of a major core algorithm change in advance. With the update being rolled out, the SEO experts and marketers were left with questions about what does the update entail, how it affects the site, what steps must be taken, and […]

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Boost Google Search Visibility

Simple Ways to Boost Your Restaurant’s Google Search Visibility

There are about “75,151Google searches in 1 second” – Internet Live Stats. This urges the need for your restaurant business to be on Page One of Google! With over 60% of customers looking online for restaurants near them, it is vital that you optimise your SEO for restaurants. In this case, clicks will go only […]

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Adwords Campaign Successful

How Do I Make My Adwords Campaign Successful?

Google Adwords is a great source that gains new leads for businesses by placing the brands or services at the threshold of a buyer’s journey. According to a research, business reported that they generated an average of $2 revenue for every single dollar they invested in the Google Adwords campaign. There are multiple settings in […]

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Type of Contents Away From Featured Snippets

Google Keeps These Type of Contents Away From Featured Snippets

To hold the position ‘Zero’ in SERPs is more important than holding great ranks in SERPs and it is the dream of most SEO Sydney experts, for which they strive for.  The Featured snippets offer position zero to the contents, and they appear after the PPC ads and just before the first result of the […]

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SEO Mistakes

What Are the Common SEO Mistakes that could Penalise Your Site?

When it comes to gaining high ranks on Google’s search results, every website owner tries their best with a variety of SEO packages to outdo its competitors. Yes, every bit of SEO task done for the betterment of the website helps. Unfortunately, there is an upsetting side too – The Google Penalty! Not everyone gets […]

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