Are You Worried Why Your Website Is Not Listed In Google Search?

Are You Worried Why Your Website Is Not Listed In Google Search?

Nowadays, a lot of website owns are worried about Google indexing and listing of websites in the search results. Though some websites manage to get across the SERPs, yet there are many new and old websites which are not indexed and listed in the search result leading to huge problems for business owners and bloggers. But don’t panic, if your website is not listed, it does not mean it is not indexed; rather, it is listed on later pages or is not ranked properly.

Crawling and Indexing play a vital role in the performance of any website. Both are different terms which cannot be mixed at one point. Crawling is in-depth analysing of the Website content, and Indexing is when your website is listed in the Google search result.

There are various methods by which you can check whether your website is indexed or not:

  • Check the site search operator, which means Google allows you to search within a specific website. The process is to write “site:<yourdomain>” and enter. Your site will pop up in the search result. Now if it is not ranked properly, then you have to perform SEO to improve the ranking. If search results give you a message, then your search didn’t match any of the information on the web, which means, unfortunately, your website is not indexed.
  • If your website is new, then it might be possible that it is not discovered by Google yet. You have to use Google Search Console service to index your newly launched website. This tool helps in monitoring the general information about your website. You have to create a sitemap for crawling and indexing manually. If you require help with creating sitemap for your website, get the help of a professional SEO Company!
  • If your website is penalised, then it might be a reason Google does not index the website. These are rare situations where Google deindexes the website temporarily or permanently too. This occurs when excess rules violation occurs, and guidelines are not followed appropriately.
  • If your website lacks high-quality content and backlinks, yet it is not indexed by Google, make sure that the content published on the website is of high quality and backlinks are done properly.

A lot of website developers and owners try to push the rankings due to SEO and don’t focus on the quality of the content. But now Google is focussing on the websites with poor quality which leads to poor Indexing of the websites which have poor content quality.

Google is changing its policies and Algorithm regularly to avoid fake rankings. It is focussing on the quality of backlinks and content published on the site. So as a website owner, you need to be careful or all your efforts will go in vain, and the website will not be indexed in the Google search. Do you require help with SEO? Get started with affordable SEO packages Sydney today!

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