All You Wanted To Know About Essential SEO Tools

All You Wanted To Know About Essential SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimisation imparts a high rank to the website in the search result pages of Google and other search engines. There are numerous SEO tools which help in properly implementing the SEO techniques and monitor the progress of the SEO campaign. The best SEO tools help in building and maintaining an effective SEO campaign which is capable of drastically increasing the online visibility of the website. Whether you are looking to carry out SEO for lawyers, real estate, dentist or restaurants, these tools should help.

Some of the types of tools for SEO have been mentioned here.

Ranking Tool

Ranking Tool tracks the current ranking of the website in the search result pages. This tool enables the SEO expert in analysing the effects of various SEO strategies to determine which are effective and which are not. Tracking the ranking helps in identifying those strategies that work and which increases the rank. Google Search Console is one of the few popular ranking tools that will help you understand where your website stands.

Backlink Analyser

The number of backlinks of a website has a huge impact on its search result ranking. Hence, this is an important factor if you are looking to carry out SEO for lawyers, real estate, small business, dentist or restaurants. Backlink Analyser tool provides a clear picture of the total number of backlinks pointing to the website and the effective and ineffective backlinks. The growth in a number of backlinks can also be tracked over a while. Understanding the link profile using this tool helps in determining whether the SEO campaign is in the right direction or not. Ubersuggest is a very popular backlink analyser tool.

Keyword Analysis Tool

Using the correct keywords in the content is a critical component of SEO. This is because keywords direct users to the websites. Thus, the right keywords in the content help the website in being picked up by the search engine and become visible to the users. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the most popular tool in this category mainly because it extracts information from Google, the principal search engine. Make sure to use this tool, to identify the keywords that convert for your SEO for real estate, lawyers, or dentist

Link Building Tool

Building high-quality links are essential to get a high ranking in the search results. High-quality links mean those links which give positive results while remaining clear from the penalties imposed by Google on websites having links violating the search guidelines. Link building tools help in building links in the correct manner which drives the website’s ranking higher.

Link Removal Tool

An essential aspect of SEO is protecting the website’s backlink base. Bad backlinks which are often used by competitors reduce the ranking of the website, ultimately harming the SEO campaign. Link removal tool clears the bad backlinks and saves the website’s ranking. Disavow is a popular link removal tool.

Plagiarism Checker

Google requires contents to be unique. Plagiarised content can attract penalties. Hence, ensuring unique content is an important part of SEO. Plagiarism checker detects even smallest of plagiarism. Copyscape is the most popular plagiarism checker.

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